Window Box Begonias & Mother’s Day Gifts for Older Moms

How proud I was to wear a red rose bud pinned to my Peter Pan-collared dress! When I was a little girl, the custom was to wear a corsage or a flower from the yard to church on Mother’s Day. Red or pink honored a living mom; white symbolized a mother no longer living.

My mom always honored my grandmother, her mother-in-law, by either cooking dinner or going to the restaurant of Mamie’s choice. As a child, I delighted in giving gifts to both ladies on that day set aside to honor them.

As my mom aged, it became more difficult to select gifts. The last years of her life, I purchased and planted red begonias in her window boxes on Mother’s Day each year. Even from her wheelchair, she could peer out of the window and enjoy the colorful flowers. This act of service she requested certainly filled my heart with joy.

Many older ladies have everything they need or want, and some cannot enjoy hobbies and activities of the past. Have you faced this challenge with gift selection? I hope the ideas below will help.

Mother’s Day Ideas for Older Moms

Gift Ideas for Older Moms

  • a large print devotional book
  • a digital picture frame loaded with family photos
  • a small vase filled with a bouquet of favorite flowers
  • unscented lotion to soothe dry skin
  • pretty hand towels in cheery colors and scented pump soap
  • a box of stamped greeting cards to send to friends and family
  • a pretty pair of sunglasses for outings
  • a CD player and favorite music
  • a tin of favorite cookies or candies (health permitting) or a bowl of fresh fruit
  • puzzle books or large print novels
  • a magnifying glass with a pretty magazine
  • a light weight sweater or soft lap throw

 Acts of Kindness for Older Moms


  • Take her to visit a friend.
  • Offer a ride to a church service, library, or concert.
  • Design a card and list special memories inside.
  • Record memories she wants to share.
  • Take a ride to see spring flowers and eat ice cream.
  • Conduct a telephone Bible study with encouraging verses.
  • Prepare lemonade and cookies in her home for neighbors.
  • Plant a flower bed, paint a room, or provide lawn care.
  • Plan a movie night with popcorn and candy.

Psssssst….one more thought:

For moms whose children won’t be there or moms with young children and no family support, Mother’s Day would be a lovely time to give gifts and offer help. What a blessing!

Honor your father and mother—which is the first commandment with a promise.–Ephesians 6:2 NIV

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.–1 Corinthians 13:4 NIV

Your Turn to Share

Please add your ideas for gifts that have blessed older women you know. If we all share, we’ll have lots of ideas.
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4 thoughts on “Window Box Begonias & Mother’s Day Gifts for Older Moms

  1. What a great list. And I needed some inspiration this year for my older mom.

  2. Paula McGlamery

    Since my kids live away, it is delightful to receive a card that has some of their happy memories written inside and, of course, a phone call. You have some very sweet ideas in your suggestions. I’m definitely going to use several for friends and relatives. Great Job, Jeannie!
    Hugs, Paula

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