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This afternoon, I paused from my work and took a lovely one-mile walk in my neighborhood. At least six different bird calls filled the air with music to walk by, and the newly-blooming trees and shrubs provided beautiful scenery. With a renewed frame of mind, I’m now ready to tackle my work. Taking time out of a busy day to walk, pray, sing, and see new sights can spark creativity and help us take a deep, restful breath. Laying aside the details of daily life for a few minutes, allows us to focus on God and His creation.

My friend and award-winnng author, Edie Melson, recently shared “Fun Field Trips to Feed Your Creativity” with an online group. With her permission, I’m sharing part of her fantastic list. Read more about Edie below and find a link to her delightful new book Soul Care When You’re Weary.

May I suggest you join me in reading the ideas below and jotting down ways you can take a restful creativity break at least once a week?  And why not take someone with you? What a wonderful way to encourage a friend or help a new neighbor or church member get to know your community. (Some of Edie’s ideas mention fall but can be adapted for any season).

Fun Field Trips to Feed Your Creativity

                                                                   by Edie Melson

These are things that you can do by yourself, or get together with another friend to try out. Most would even work as a group activity. The key here is to get out and stretch your legs and your creative muscles as you explore the world around you with your Father, God.

1.    Take a sketchbook, journal, or camera and visit an old cemetery. You’ll be fascinated by the names, the beauty of the stones, and the peace you find.

2.    Visit your local history museum. Every county and most towns have them. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll find. Take along a sketchbook or journal and spend some time just sitting and soaking in the beauty.

3.    Take a quick trip to a local landmark. Chances are there are some that you’ve never visited, no matter how long you’ve lived where you are now.

4.    Go to your local farmer’s market. Not only will you pick up some wonderful—local—edibles, you’ll be inspired by those attending and those displaying their wares.

5.    Try a different cuisine. Pick one you haven’t had before, if possible. Research it before you go and you’ll know what to order.

6.   Take a walking or driving tour. Greenville, SC is the large town nearby and there are all kinds of self-guided walking tours we can take.

7.    Spend a few hours geocaching.

8.    Do a search for hidden menus at Starbucks, then try something new. There are all kinds of cool drinks you can order, if you just know how.

9.    Take a trip on a local river or lake. Go kayaking, canoeing, or even paddle boarding.

10.    Get together a group and go on a bookstore crawl. The point is to visit all the bookstores in a geographic area. It’s even more fun if you post pics to social media and see how many books you can find from authors you know and love. You can do the same thing with craft stores, galleries, yarn stores, etc.

11.    Plan an old-fashioned murder mystery evening. You can find suggestions online or you can buy a box that has everything need.

12.    Go leaf-peeping. Fall is definitely upon us and that means the trees are turning in most areas of the country. Take a drive and be inspired by God’s creativity!

13.   Go someplace familiar at a different time. Visit a park during a full moon, or at dawn.

14.   Visit a local art gallery. Yes, I’m a writer. But I’ve found that seeing how others express their creativity inspires me.

15.    Get tickets to a play at your local community theater or even a school production. You’ll be inspired by the actors, the costumes, the story, and the overall atmosphere.

16.    Go old school and show some community spirit by watching a local football game. Yes, high school was tough in some ways. But most of us remember fall football. It might have been as a cheerleader, a member of the marching band (me), or just a fan. This is a great way to reconnect with your roots.

17.    Take a cooking class. Again, it’s the creative aspect that drives this suggestion. But you also might find a new hobby you can share with your spouse.

18.    Spend the afternoon people watching at the local mall. Take a pen and paper and write down snippets of conversations or sketch those you see. You may hear  something worth quoting or just have fun imagining the “rest of the story.”

What are your ideas for taking a creativity break? I’d love to hear from you in Comments.

More about Edie Melson:

Edie Melson–author, editor and blogger—is a leading professional within the writing industry, as well as a popular instructor and mentor. Her heart to help others define and reach their dreams has connected her with people across the country.        http://ediemelson.com/

I enjoyed reading Edie’s latest book, Soul Care When You’re Weary and plan to reread it. If you need to care for yourself better (Who doesn’t?), you’ll love this book.

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4 thoughts on “Take a Creativity Break

  1. Jeannie, you have confirmed my mission word for this year 2019. INTENTIAL. GOD gave it to my heart knowing that my intentions are often redirected or forgotten. HE encouraged me to step out of my comfort box and create a new venue to not only nurture my creativity and my soul but to become available to be used for HIM. It is truly amazing what creativity our LORD has in store for us. Thank you for the reminder of this truth. ♥️

    • Post Author Jeannie Waters

      Susan, I am delighted that the post fits your mission word. Thank you for sharing that word “intentional.” I, too, need to focus on God’s plan for my life and become more intentional with time use. Thank you!

  2. Thanks, Jeannie! Yesterday afternoon, I took a chair and sat in a private corner of our yard, hidden from view, surrounded by drooping branches of a longstanding redtip–branches all the way to the ground!–and read a library book. It was great! I felt totally refreshed and plan to do it again soon. I also love looking at the myriad of tiny wildflowers and different grasses God created.

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