Storing Treasures in Your Heart: Eight Ways to Memorize Scripture

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When I open my mother’s jewelry boxes, I ponder precious memories attached to the pieces she wore. I can almost smell her Max Factor perfume when I pick up the gold rhinestone bracelet she wore when she and Daddy went out with friends.

Mama’s jewelry boxes store treasures and safeguard dear memories. Peek into your jewelry box or another space where you keep jewelry and consider its value as safe storage for precious possessions and perhaps for fond memories.

A ring or a necklace may prompt a smile as you remember the person who gave it to you. A bracelet may kindle memories of a joyous occasion when you wore it.

In the same way, Scripture can spark memories.

Memorized verses may remind us of a Bible character who endured similar trials or may help us focus on one of God’s characteristics. They also remind us of times when God’s Word instructed us or offered peace. 

When we commit verses or passages from God’s Word to memory, our hearts become safe storage for jewels of truth. Click To Tweet

When we commit verses or passages from God’s Word to memory, our hearts become safe storage for jewels of truth. Even after we’ve learned verses, our memories may falter, but God prepared for human error.

But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you.

John 14:26 ESV

Our job is to learn portions of the Bible and store them in our hearts. The Holy Spirit then brings them to our remembrance.

I’m not an expert on memorizing Scripture, and words don’t stick in my brain as easily as they once did. That’s why I’m gathering and sharing the ideas below with the hope my suggestions will help you, also.

Eight Ways to Memorize Scripture

We select jewelry according to personal taste. Consider these ideas for memorization of Scripture and pick the ones that suit your learning style. Print and star those you want to try and add other methods you discover.

1. Study and write out the verse(s).

Ask God to reveal His truth and apply it to your life. Jot down synonyms, definitions, and thoughts about the passages. Use cross-references, a study Bible or commentary to add insight about the author and audience of the passage you’re studying.

2. Cut and paste the words.

Type the verse in a large font and print it. Cut the words apart and store them in an envelope. Practice assembling them to create the correct word order.

3. Try Bible memory apps.

My friend and Bible teacher extraordinaire, Jean Wilund, offers reviews on Bible verse memory apps in the link below. (You’ll love her You Tube lessons. Subscribe and enjoy.)

4. Create a greeting card with the verse.

After studying the verse and creating a card, mail it to a friend. Old cards, photographs, and bits of ribbon or rick rack add beauty.

5. Write a prayer using the verse.

Write the verse as a prayer asking God to help you remember the truth and apply the principle. Select two verses from Psalms, one to pray each morning and one for each night. When you learn those, try two more.

Scripture is taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

6. Hand letter or decorate the verse.

Try Bible journaling with hand lettering or calligraphy. You may prefer simply printing the letters and embellishing your print with drawings. My friend, Katy Kauffman of Lighthouse Bible Studies (, uses fancy calligraphy sometimes and simple print at other times.

Katy Kauffman

7. Write the verse on a card and post it in the kitchen and bathroom. While you’re washing vegetables or applying makeup, recite or sing the verse using the tune of a hymn or praise song you know. Look away from the card and try to recite it.  

8. Add hand motions to dramatize the verse.

 At a ladies’ Bible study I attend, one of the teachers regularly reminds us to study God’s Word and commit it to memory. (Thank you, Jimmie Annette!) After other methods failed for some of the study verses, I made up hand signals for words or phrases in the verses. I wish I could show you, but here’s an example verse with a motion for each part:

I delight to do your will, O my God; your law is within my heart.

Psalm 40:8 ESV

I delight to do your will   

Point to yourself, then place index fingers on the corners of your mouth and smile. Then point upward to indicate your will.

O my God  

Pull hands down to your heart to indicate He is your God.

your law

Pretend to hold a Bible in your hands.

is within my heart.

Point to your heart.

Create motions that work for you.

How do you learn Scripture? Would an idea from the list help you?

Please add your ideas in the Comments. I’m eager to try them. May our hearts be filled with the treasures of God’s Word.

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24 thoughts on “Storing Treasures in Your Heart: Eight Ways to Memorize Scripture

  1. These are great suggestions Jeannie. Thank you!

  2. Post Author Jeannie Waters

    Thanks for reading and commenting, June. I appreciate reader comments so much.

  3. I love these practical, easy tips. You make memorizing sound fun and doable. Thank you!

    • Post Author Jeannie Waters

      I’m glad you found them practical, Lori. I’m going to make a concerted effort to memorize more. As always, I appreciate your comments.

  4. What great tips! And they would work so well for young or older.

    • Post Author Jeannie Waters

      Thanks so much, Nancy. I started to delete the cut-and-paste idea thinking it might sound childish. Then I thought it might just help and add variety. I appreciate you reading and adding a comment.

  5. OMGoodness. You just demonstrated the power of analogy better than ever Ms. Jeannie. What a great post ma’am. Store up God’s word as eternal treasures in your heart. I will cling tight to that thought this week ma’am. Thank you!

    • Post Author Jeannie Waters

      I’ve been planning to use the jewelry boxes in a post for a while. I enjoyed looking back through all of the pieces, but the process reminded me of storing God’s Word in our hearts. I’m making a concerted effort to memorize more. Thanks for reading, J. D.

  6. Thank you Jeannie for these tips! I am going to try the memory app. I have a difficult time remembering scripture too. What I have done in the past is put it on the post it note on the refrigerator or on the mirror in the bathroom.

    • Post Author Jeannie Waters

      Doreen, I’ve used post-it notes and index cards, too. I’m going to try the apps, too, but I may need to add hand motions, as well. 🙂 Thanks so much, Doreen, for your comments.

  7. I have enjoyed your series, Jeannie. Each message has been so meaningful. This one touched a nerve for me. Years ago I had a good habit of memorizing scripture. I have let that practice lapse. Like you, I don’t remember as well as I used to, but that doesn’t mean I should stop trying. I used the “write the verse” method, reading it over and over, learning parts at a time and adding to. It is a successful method, but only if I use it! Thank you for inspiring me to continue that “good habit.”

    • Post Author Jeannie Waters

      Katherine, we can encourage each other in this venture to learn more verses. I’ll probably add the hand motions to help me. When I tried those, if I forgot the words, I’d remember the motion which then prompted memory of the words.

  8. Love this blog Jeannie, especially the #4. It was creative. You are precious to share. Always need encouragement to memorize the Word.

    • Post Author Jeannie Waters

      Cathy, you made my day with your sweet comments. I’m delighted you like the idea to learn the verse as we make greeting cards to mail to someone. I need encouragement, too, to memorize more Scripture. Thanks so much.

  9. Hi Jeannie.

    My husband and I were just talking about creative ways to help our teens memorize scripture and this is exactly what I needed to read. Thank you for these wonderful ideas!

    Peace and grace,

    • Post Author Jeannie Waters

      Tammy, I’m thrilled that something God laid on my heart will help your family. Yay! Your teens may like the apps that are listed in Jean Wilund’s link. Your comment gave me a boost today, Tammy. Thanks so much.

  10. Jeannie- thanks for the individualized practical tips. I love what you said about personal taste-that fits for Bible study approaches too and moves us away from comparing to choosing what fits us best.

    • Post Author Jeannie Waters

      Marilyn, thank you for applying that principle to Bible study. Our learning styles and techniques vary for whatever we’re learning. You’re wise to mention “choosing what fits us best” instead of comparing to choices other people make. Appreciate you!

  11. What great ways to memorize scripture, Jeannie! I too have more trouble memorizing than I used to, and I’ll have to try some of these! Thank you!

    • Post Author Jeannie Waters

      Kathy, I’m thankful you found the memorization ideas helpful. It was fun to share from my own need and brainstorming. We could try different ways for a while and see what’s most effective. I do appreciate your encouraging words, Kathy.

  12. Hi, Jeannie. This is the first time I’ve read your blog. I love the comparison you make with jewelry and the box it’s kept in. And I love the photos of your precious keepsakes. His word is indeed a spiritual jewelry box. Thanks for the tips! ~ Toni

    • Post Author Jeannie Waters

      Toni, thank you so much for visiting my site and commenting with encouraging words. I love your statement “His word is indeed a spiritual jewelry box.” I hope you’ll subscribe and visit again.

  13. “When we commit verses or passages from God’s Word to memory, our hearts become safe storage for jewels of truth.” Wow. What an amazing way to “see” God’s Word.
    I also really enjoyed your suggestions to help memorize scriptures. #1 for me.

    • Post Author Jeannie Waters

      Dawn, I’m thankful you found the suggestions helpful. I want to use a number of them more often to commit more Scripture to memory. Isn’t it a comfort when the Holy Spirit reminds us of a verse we’ve learned at just the right time? He teaches us truth and then applies it to our lives. I appreciate your comments.

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