Spring Beauty Teaches 7 Powerful Lessons About Abiding in Christ

Spring Beauty Teaches 7 Powerful Lessons About Abiding in Christ

My walk to admire seasonal beauty opened my eyes to more than flowers. Here’s what I noticed about abiding in Christ.

Lesson 1

Our snowball bush boasts huge, ball-shaped flowers and commands attention and appreciation. Its branches held so many blooms this year, I couldn’t imagine one more fitting on its limbs. This stunning shrub reminds me of God’s blessings—bountiful and perfectly selected for us.

God’s creation calls our attention to Him when we take notice of all His wondrous works. I wonder how many times I miss them, and how many times I notice but forget to thank Him. Abiding in Christ includes being aware of His presence, noticing His blessings, and thanking Him for them.

Heavenly Father, lift my chin to notice the numerous ways You bless me. Thank You for the beauty of spring and eyes to see it. Teach me when I read Your Word, Father, and open my eyes to Truth.

Lesson 2

The snowball flowers display their beauty by remaining on the shrub and growing from bud to full bloom. We grow in Christ as we abide in Him and draw spiritual nourishment from our relationship with Him through Bible study and prayer.

We can define abide as “to live, continue, or remain … abiding in Christ is not a special level of Christian experience, rather, it is the position of all true believers.” 1  

Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me.

John 15:4 ESV

There’s so much God wants to teach us—about Him, life with Him, and how to bear fruit to honor Him.

Father, as I walk with you each day, help me enjoy the adventure. Open my spiritual eyes and ears to know what you want to teach me.

Lesson 3

When I continued my walk, I noticed two spirea bushes. I called those plants “Bride’s Bouquet” when I was a child because they bloom with tiny bunches of white flowers. These graceful shrubs add a delicate, lacy touch to the spring extravaganza and make me smile.

God’s blessings also delight us, adding joy, grace, beauty, and wonder to our lives. They help us pause and remember who He is. We can exchange fear for His gift of peace. We can lay down our doubt and pick up faith.

God’s blessings also delight us, adding joy, grace, beauty, and wonder to our lives. They help us pause and remember who He is. Click To Tweet

Heavenly Father, remind me when I carry around heavy burdens you never planned for me to bear alone. I want to embrace all your gifts and live for You.

Lesson 4

When our granddaughter took a bouquet of spring flowers to our neighbor, I thought about how God gives us gifts to share.

Father God, thank you for blessings to enjoy—like beautiful spring flowers. Thank you for Your presence in my life and Your faithfulness. Remind me Your blessings are not mine to tuck away and admire. Instead, they’re designed to remind me of Your love and care and to share with those You place in my path. Make me a worthy steward and help me share my blessings today.  

 Lesson 5

After admiring the large shrubs, I wandered around the yard and noticed weeds and wildflowers peeping through the grass. The onion grass with its characteristic smell peppers the lawn with light green stems and white flowers. But weeds are a nuisance, I thought.

Upon closer examination though, I observed the pretty, delicate little flowers heralding a new season. Instead of characterizing onion grass as a pest, I decided to appreciate it as a unique sign of spring and another of God’s creations.

Do I look for the good in everything or am I too quick to complain? As I reflect on this, I realize all God’s gifts are good.

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. 

James 1:17 ESV

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. 

1 Thessalonians 5:18 ESV

Heavenly Father, remind me to thank You in all things—all the time. 

Lesson 6

The next wildflowers I spotted impressed me with their royal color and dramatic shape. They stood in sharp contrast to the surrounding grass and urged me to take a closer look. Although they were stunning, I’d almost missed them. Like the striking wildflowers, I wonder if I overlook people on my path whose lives would enrich mine or vice versa.

Heavenly Father, slow me down when I’m too busy to notice the people You send to teach me and the people You plan for me to serve.

Lesson 7

As I studied other wildflowers through the lens of my camera, I realized they would disappear as soon as my husband cuts the grass. They would provide colorful accessories to spring’s fashion show for only a few more days. How I wished they could stay.

Some blessings are fleeting—ours to enjoy for only a brief time. A sunrise. A sunset. An opportunity to share the good news of salvation in Christ Jesus—the Creator Who gave us such gifts as spring flowers and opportunities to share our blessings.

Lord Jesus, let me fix my gaze on You each morning so that I notice and embrace all the gifts You prepare. May I not miss a single opportunity to share Your love with others.

Your Turn

How does God use His creation to remind you of blessings or teach you about abiding in Christ? Please tell us about those you’ve received or shared recently.

  1. “What Does It Mean to Abide in Christ?” Got Questions, Got Questions Ministries, January 4, 2022. https://www.gotquestions.org/abide-in-Christ.html .
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35 thoughts on “Spring Beauty Teaches 7 Powerful Lessons About Abiding in Christ

  1. What a beautiful post in words and pictures! I’m sitting in my sunroom admiring my yard with knockout roses, a crimson Japanese Maple, trees and anticipating peonies. Many thoughts on God’s creation. I’ll share three:) His faithfulness shown in seasonal appearances, creativity in uniqueness, and color for enjoyment. After the fall, God could have left us with a gray, black and white environment that stayed the same. Just a thought. Thank you Jeannie.

  2. Wonderful to view the world through your eyes and heart for God this morning Ms. Jeannie. Thank you for taking on a trip through your world today ma’am; and sharing the wonderful blessings God shared with you that day.

  3. Jeanie,
    Your analogies resonated with me.
    1Thessalonians 5:18 has always been a mantra for me. It’s easy to see the good in life and be thankful. It’s the difficult times that cause us to drift into doubtfulness. May we continue to look for God’s hand in everything. Thank you for starting my morning with these beautiful pictures and reflections.

  4. Deanna, you’re right about those difficult times when challenges cloud our view of God. We must notice and deal with problems, but, as I’m sure you’ll agree, His Word sharpens our focus.

    • Your perspective on the onion flowers got my attention. How true your lesson is, Jeannie. How often we (me) walk by and disregard something or someone as not valuable. While wild onions may not be a favorite yard visitor, the flower brought a smile and blessing to your walk. Thanks for inspiring me to stop and smell the roses (and maybe the onions!)

      • Post Author Jeannie Waters

        Barbara, I love your funny statement at the end of your comments. God delights us when we notice His creation and the truths His Word. Thank you for helping me celebrate His blessings.

  5. Love this message!!! (And PS: Gorgeous garden!)

  6. What beautiful applications you shared with us from God’s creation!

  7. Spring does bring so much beauty and color to the world around us. And I know it always points me to the Creator. I loved your photos and the snowball bush. They are stunning. Thanks Jeannie

    • Post Author Jeannie Waters

      Thank you, Yvonne for your comments. God is an amazing Creator who loves us and draws us to Himself. Aren’t we grateful!?

  8. Here in the North Carolina mountains, spring is not quite as advanced as in some other areas. However, forsythia gave us glorious color, and now daffodils and tulips are coming along. We will soon have azaleas and rhododenrons. As I read your post, I thought of a book I can highly recommend for appreciation of God’s natural wonders: Whitney Hopler’s “Wake Up to Wonder” in which she shares her experiences as diversified as seeing sparkles on leaves after rain to the awesomeness of stars lighting an otherwise dark sky, from snorting cattle to a White Horse no one else can see, from an injured tiny bird to almost stepping on a sleeping bear.

    • Post Author Jeannie Waters

      Peggy, I love the gorgeous North Carolina rhododendrons. They remind me of my grandparents’ cabin where I first discovered them as a child. Thank you for sharing the book you mentioned. I’ll check it out.

  9. This is a beautiful message. When we pause and notice the creations of God, we can find peace.

  10. I love the lessons nature gives us and you’ve shared an amazing tour of your yard and added wisdom to guide our journey. Thank you, Jeannie. What a blessing for my day!

  11. These are wonderful lessons from the flowers on your walk. I especially appreciated #1 “Abiding in Christ includes being aware of His presence, noticing His blessings, and thanking Him for them.” thanks, Jeannie for taking me on your spring walk and reminding me of so many good lessons.

  12. Such lovely lessons and prayers, Jeannie. And I greatly enjoyed the photos, too! You encouraged my heart.


  13. I appreciate and agree with all you wrote. Such a beautiful devotional to begin a Saturday. All glory to Him!

    • Post Author Jeannie Waters

      Janice, I’m thankful the devotion added joy to your Saturday. I appreciate the comment so much. All glory to Him indeed.

  14. Great message using the flower creation, Jeannie!
    The early ministry and beauty of weeds is one sometimes missed or minimized! Then must be controlled after their beginning value wanes! A sermon on that is waiting. 🙂

    • Post Author Jeannie Waters

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post, Fran, and I appreciate you letting me know. Thank you for adding your wise comments.

  15. Beautiful thoughts and pictures for me to feast on today, Jeannie! I have some succulents in my window that were growing out of control. I have no green thumb, so I didn’t really know what to do. I finally just had to cut them down by about half. They were looking pretty ratty for about a week. Then one day I noticed a bunch of healthy green leaves sprouting from the bare branches. I’m reminded of God’s pruning in our lives to bring new and better growth.

    • Post Author Jeannie Waters

      Annie, your mention of the pruning process adds value to our conversation. The snowball shrub I pictured needs pruning soon because it’s sprouted unsightly limbs from lack of pruning. I’m glad your succulents sprouted new growth to give us this beautiful reminder.

  16. Oh Jeannie, I dream of having a snowball bush like yours one day! Your lessons & analogies are beautiful & life giving. I spent last week in the mountains & observed a liminal season— snow was gone but spring flowers hadn’t bloomed. THEN I discovered beautiful “weeds” like you did. I was impressed with the detailed masterful art of the wildflowers. If the typical flowers were blooming, I’d have missed the magnificence that was right in front of me. Made me wonder what hidden gifts (in people or nature) I’ve missed in the in-between times. 💕 Thank you for sharing.

    • Post Author Jeannie Waters

      Wildflowers are some of God’s sweetest gifts. How wise you are to point out how we can be distracted and miss the sweetest blessings, Myra. Open our eyes, Lord, to see You at work and to notice, as Myra said, “hidden gifts in people or nature.”

  17. Spring is trying to arrive here in Montana. I actually saw a few buds yesterday. God has always spoke to me through nature and I am so looking forward to getting to hiking this summer since my health is improving. Spring and it’s representation of newness is such an encouragement to me.

    • Post Author Jeannie Waters

      Jennifer, I know you were happy to see those buds. I’m thrilled to hear your health is improving so that you can look forward to hiking.
      What a blessing to get exercise in God’s beautiful world. I love this sentence you included: “Spring and it’s representation of newness is such an encouragement to me.” Thanks so much for your comments.

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