Share a Little Fall Cheer

Share a Little Fall

Do you sometimes abandon efficiency and choose the scenic route? I do. While running errands, I drive out of my way to visit my favorite fall site—a street in our town that is lined with gingko trees.

When the temperature cools, the green fan-shaped gingko leaves transform into brilliant splashes of yellow. When the leaves fall, the sidewalk looks like sunshine pooled on the earth, and it makes me happy.

Think about the color palette God chooses for fall decorating. Red maple leaves, orange pumpkins, golden chrysanthemums, brown chestnuts, and more. They’re all pretty, but the yellow of the gingko trees is my favorite.

Some homeowners add yellow accessories throughout the year to brighten living spaces. Touches of this pretty color add a feeling of warmth and welcome. Wouldn’t you agree that yellow is cheery? And who doesn’t need a bit of mirth in their lives?

Consider some of cheer’s synonyms that can mean more than simply a merry feeling: gladness, joy, delight, comfort, and encouragement. 1 Visual beauty can offer a measure of happiness, but, as the Bible teaches, our hearts need deep joy, peace, and cheer.

Even while imprisoned, the apostle Paul demonstrated the importance of caring for the hearts of other people. With concern for his worried friends, he sent Tychicus to encourage them (Ephesians 6:21-22, Colossians 4:7-8).

So too, Jesus wanted his disciples, and us, to have courage and comfort in difficult situations. Three of the four gospels—Matthew, Mark, and John—record how Jesus calmed the fears of His disciples during a storm at sea.

Be of good cheer! It is I; do not be afraid.

Matthew 14:27

Some Bible translations use the phrase “take courage” rather than “be of good cheer,” but we know that Jesus provides peace and encouragement to troubled souls.

When preparing followers for His impending death and resurrection, Jesus said,

These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.

John 16:33

As gingko trees bring sunshine to the surrounding area, we can share cheer with others from the well of joy and comfort Jesus supplies for us. Let’s share some ideas for doing just that.

Practical Ways to Spread Cheer

Share a Little Fall

Encouraging Words

  • Write short Bible verses on a pumpkin to be given away.
  • Choose bookmarks with Bible verses to share with freshly baked oatmeal cookies (homemade or bakery version). Tie the bag with a fall-colored ribbon.
  • Offer to pray with someone who shares a concern.
  • Make a greeting card with a pretty fall picture and add encouraging words.
  • Take time to visit someone who needs a listening ear or fellowship. (Weather changes make good conversation starters.)

Acts of Kindness

  • Take an elderly person who can’t drive for a ride to view autumn’s beauty and then, share a cup of hot apple cider.
  • Contact a local ministry to purchase a Thanksgiving meal for someone.
  • Rake a neighbor’s yard as a surprise blessing.
  • Offer to help a widow winter proof her home.
  • Invite neighbors to watch a Saturday football game and attend church with you on Sunday if they don’t have a church of their own. Fire up the grill or serve chili dogs.

Meaningful Gifts

  • Donate warm socks to a homeless shelter.
  • Purchase a gift card for a pumpkin latte or cup of cocoa as a “thinking of you” gift.
  • Bake small loaves of apple or pumpkin bread to share.
  • Take a pot of mums to someone recovering from surgery. 
  • Share a basket of delicious fall apples or place an apple on each co-worker’s desk. Add a card with the following verse:

Keep me as the apple of Your eye;
Hide me under the shadow of Your wings.

Psalm 17:8

Let’s brighten someone’s fall day by sharing a little cheer, shall we?

I hope you’ll contribute an idea to the comment section below to add to our “share a little fall cheer” lists.

Share a Little

All Scripture verses are taken from the NKJV.


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14 thoughts on “Share a Little Fall Cheer

  1. Once again an encouraging and inspirational post with practical ways to fulfill Jesus’ commands to love one another. And you gave ideas to let us show that love through our love languages and the way others receive love.
    And yes…I like yellow too. It evokes smiles. Thank you, Jeannie.

    • Post Author Jeannie Waters

      Thank you for your comments. I didn’t think about “show that love through our love languages and the way others receive love,” but that is an excellent point. Something that blesses one person may not be meaningful to another.

  2. Your post evoked some great memories! My bedroom was painted yellow as a teenager. My mother hated it–it was “too yellow.” But it reminded me of SUNSHINE, and I loved it!

    Thank you for reminding me that I need to do something to share God’s love and Fall cheer, not just enjoy it. Even if I’m creativity-challenged, I can speak a word to bring cheer, if done in the right way at the right time. Your words and word pictures have certainly cheered my heart.

    “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.” Prov. 25:11

    • Post Author Jeannie Waters

      Glenda, thank you for adding Proverbs 25:11. You’re right that we don’t have to be crafty or talented to share love and cheer, but we have to be willing to share time and encouraging words with other people.

  3. Both calming and inspirational Ms. Jeannie. I love it when I get an opportunity to just sit and park under or near the trees, listen softly to the wind, and share my heart with God in thoughts. I never say anything, we just speak quietly with one another among His beautiful creations.

    • Post Author Jeannie Waters

      J. D., I enjoy spending time in quiet prayer and Bible study in various natural settings. Sitting on our deck is my favorite place. We all need times of peace and calmness. Thank you for commenting.

  4. This is not only a beautiful post, it’s also wonderfully practical—especially for people like me who appreciate suggestions of different ways to spread cheer. This is a keeper! Thanks! Oh, and I have a ginko tree in my garden. I love it!

    • Post Author Jeannie Waters

      Jean, I’m glad you have a gingko to enjoy. Aren’t those trees marvelous in the fall? The fact that you found the post helpful fills my heart with cheer! Thank you!

  5. I love taking scenic routes. I enjoy driving through smaller towns and cities instead of missing them on the highway. These cheer ideas are great! Makes me want to bake cookies.

    • Post Author Jeannie Waters

      Robin, I’m glad to know you enjoy scenic routes and find the cheer ideas useful. Baking cookies is fun and allows us to share with others as we start conversations. I hope you’ll join us again soon.

  6. Beautiful post, my dear friend. Listening has become a gift of choice when spreading good cheer. So many people may need a good ear.

    • Post Author Jeannie Waters

      Faye, how kind of you to read and comment. You’re right that “many people may need a good ear.” Listening is a beautiful gift to share. I hope you’ll visit again soon.

  7. I profit from your nudges to get up and give or share or “be there” for someone else. Getting my list of things to do really can wait an afternoon or two .

    • Post Author Jeannie Waters

      Paula, I’m glad these nudges help you. They certainly help me. Thank you for your consistent encouragement.

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