Gift Ideas for May 2018

There lots of gifts to buy in May for Mother’s Day, graduation, and the end of the school year. I hope these ideas will help.

Occasions included in this post:

Mother’s Day

Flowers, gift certificates, jewelry, and clothing are popular and appreciated gifts for this special occasion, but what about personalizing your choice by trying one of the following?

  • a book by her favorite author with a pretty bookmark
  • gift coupon for a prepared-for-mom meal and a movie
  • supplies or lessons for a hobby like painting or knitting
  • coupon book for acts of kindness such as planting a garden or cleaning the porch
  • tickets to a local play or concert
  • bedding plants, trowel, and new gardening gloves, plus 2 hours of work from “assistant gardeners”
  • manicure-pedicure or facial gift card
  • comfortable lawn chair or hammock
  • travel or tote bag
  • framed family pictures
  • digital frame with family pictures loaded
  • wall art she has admired (Don’t guess on this.)
  • gift for favorite activities such as exercise, walking, writing, music, golf, swimming, painting, baking, or others
  • bath salts, inflatable bath pillow, and music to download


Many graduates prefer gifts cards which are practical and easy to purchase. A gift card to a college bookstore or office supply store might come in handy. Here are other ideas:

  • bookends (my favorite)
  • picture frames
  • beach or bath towels
  • for college-bound grads, a mesh laundry bag with stain remover and a book of laundry tips
  • for apartment dwellers, a household kit with basic tools, flashlight, tape, glue, paper products, and a home supply store gift card

For an extensive list with price variety, visit Robin Dance’s amazing ideas. She thought of everything!

End of the School Year

Family Celebrations

Celebrate the end of the year with your students to let them know you appreciate their hard work. Plan a simple family night and include small gifts.

List accomplishments and include applause for making friends, being kind to others, and completing homework without (too many) reminders. Here are some ideas:

  • bowling or putt-putt
  • movie night with popcorn
  • pool or sprinkler party
  • board game night
  • cookout and camp out
  • dress up night (playing for young children or dining at a fancy restaurant for older ones)
  • family hike with picnic
  • a day trip to destination of their choice
  • treasure hunt in the yard (The prizes could include secret vacation plans, movie tickets, or other exciting gifts.)

Gift Ideas for Young Children


Give your student a book light or flashlight and a 30-minute extension on bedtime for reading. (Hint from this teacher: Encourage that summer reading to the max! Don’t drill on content but sit on the deck or under a shade tree and casually ask your student to share why they liked a certain book or what they learned.)

Additional ideas:
  • sidewalk chalk and other art supplies
  • movie tickets
  • water bottles with snacks
  • pool toys
  • summer journal
  • photo album
  • jump ropes, balls, and frisbee rings to encourage exercise
  • terrarium kit or ant farm
  • telescope or microscope
  • binoculars and a bird watching book
  • Bible story books, joke books, and books on topics of interest in addition to school summer reading list
  • word search and maze books
  • walkie talkies
  • camera
  • gift card for museum store
  • magazine subscription
  • nifty calendar with family fun days marked

 Gift Ideas for Older Children

  • devotional book and books on topics of interest
  • movie tickets
  • camera and photo album
  • beach towels, sunglasses, and pool gear
  • pool membership
  • magazine subscription
  • new bedding and lamp for bedroom
  • gift cards for music, clothing, sports equipment
  • lessons for golf, scuba diving, musical instruments
  • sports gear with favorite team logo

Gifts for Teachers

  • gift cards (always a hit) for movies or restaurants
  • a low-maintenance plant
  • personalized clipboard for next year
  • monogrammed tote bag for next year
  • handmade cards or pen-pencil holders filled with pretty pens
  • for beach lovers, a beach basket with magazine, insulated cup, and a towel or cute flip-flops
  • a bookmark made by a child with a bookstore gift card
  • a pretty umbrella that fits in a tote bag
  • personalized pencils
  • homemade baked goods with a serving plate or dish
  • pretty mug with gourmet coffee or special tea bags
  • name plate for desk
  • basket full of school supplies
  • memory stick
 A generous person will prosper;
whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.–Proverbs 11:25 NIV

I hope you gained some valuable ideas.

Please share yours below.

Happy May!

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10 thoughts on “Gift Ideas for May 2018

  1. Thanks for a variety of gift ideas for so many different occasions. Nice to have them all in one spot… practical and convenient!!

  2. What great ideas, Jeannie. How can anyone declare they don’t know how to delight their loved ones with a gift after reading your wonderful suggestions?

  3. Paula McGlamery

    I was excited about the amazing variety and number of gift ideas that you had included. Im invigorated to be a creative gift giver thanks to your super ideas. I needed your site right now!
    Sunflowers have taken on more of a delight since you opened some new ideas of all that sunflowers could show us.They make me smile when I see them.
    I’m also enjoying getting to know you through your blog. There is a lot to learn as you have been busy with your life.! I appreciate your truly being aware of God acting in your life. Its lovely and a reminder to me to be aware too in my life. Thank you.

    • Post Author Jeannie Waters

      Paula, thank you so much for your kind comments. I’m glad God gives us daily reminders of His presence.

  4. I am so proud of you!! Your website is beautiful and packed with such wonderful information. Your talents amaze me. Your courage to follow through with exactly what God intended for you and your life is amazing!! You deserve a crown. We all need a dose of courage straight from God. What a wonderful world this would be..

    • Post Author Jeannie Waters

      It’s God working through encouraging friends like you that keeps me going. Thank you very much. To God be the glory!

  5. Thanks for the gift ideas! Lots of great options.

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