Gift Ideas for June 2018

After the busy gift-buying month of May, June slows down a little except for Father’s Day and early summer weddings. I recently purchased a wedding gift by simply making a donation for the bride and groom’s wedding photography. This couple will live in a tiny apartment with no wedding gift storage room, so they elected to choose a more practical route. Their registry also included the opportunity to contribute toward dinners at nice restaurants or airline tickets. Practical is the name of the game for many young couples. Gone are the days when brides store stacks of silver trays and crystal salt and pepper shakers they may never use.

A plethora of online shopping sites makes gift buying easy and quick. However, sometimes it’s fun to make items yourself, find unique presents, or browse local shops for the just-right gift.

Occasions included in this post:

Father’s Day


–If you still need graduation gifts, see Gift of the Month Ideas for May 2018.

Father’s Day

Traditionally, gifts included shirts and ties, but now they are more varied. How can we select the perfect gift to honor a dad? First, consider what would make him happy or meet a need. If he needs clothes or tools or grilling utensils, that’s great. If not, what would he enjoy?

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Gather the whole family to sit with Dad in church. Tuck his favorite Bible verses into a card along with verses that demonstrate his character traits the family admires.
  • Record movies that Dad would enjoy. Have a special popcorn bucket handy along with seasonings and movie theater candy, then allow Dad to select movies. An additional gift might be a new remote caddy.
  • Cook a special breakfast with all of his favorites–even if that means steak and eggs. Decorate the table with hobby decor, such as golf tees, guitar picks, or small tools.
  • Purchase a gift card to his favorite home improvement or hardware store. Shop with him or drop him off and pick him later for lunch at his favorite restaurant.
  • Explore gym membership if he’s been planning to go. Present him with information and new work out clothes. Add some weights for home training.
  • Create a card that lists all of his tasks the family appreciates and estimated costs of having someone else complete the jobs.
  • Celebrate his favorite team with a themed dinner, a new team shirt, and a framed game photo to hang.
  • Create a list of household chores that are normally his. Let family members select those they can tackle. Have them sign and include a projected completion date.
  • If he’s a fishermen, plan a picnic near a favorite fishing spot and have sides ready for a fish fry.
  • In a plastic bucket, gather car washing products to make his job easier if car washing is his responsibility. Or provide a gift card for heading to the car wash.
  • Find a large water bottle for lawn cutting and other outdoor work. Add gift cards for his favorite smoothie vendors. (Remember to keep the bottle filled with iced water or lemonade while he’s outside in hot weather.)
  • A devotional book and books by favorite authors can be wonderful gifts. Homemade bookmarks add a personal touch.
  • Other gift ideas for the season: a cooler, sunglasses, hats, gift card to the pro shop, a moisture wicking shirt, lawn chair, hammock, or pool membership.
  • Does Dad love music? Gift cards for downloading favorites would be fun. Or would he enjoy tickets for local concerts complete with dinner out?
  • Sometimes surprise gifts are the best. My mom once purchased a croquet set for my dad. After a few years of enjoyment at family gatherings, a new set was required and tournaments were arranged.


As noted above, gift registries and websites offer many easy-to-select-and-ship options. If you’re interested in some unique ideas, read the ones below:

  • Purchase materials and teach the new bride and groom a skill. When our children got married, my husband purchased lumber and taught the couples how to build bookshelves. The new shelves provided needed furniture plus storage and the new skill set served them well later.
  • Find a local craftsman to design and make a special gift such as a wooden serving tray engraved with the couples’ last name or a pretty pottery bowl.
  • Honeymoon cash slipped into the hand of the groom at the reception is always a welcomed gift.
  • A couple’s devotional book with a gift card can be a blessing.


  • Picnic baskets complete with utensils or grilling tools may be enjoyable for couples who love the outdoors.
  • Practical gifts like door mats, tools, and picture frames can save money for the pair.
  • Pantry gifts are welcomed when the newlyweds return from the honeymoon. Gift cards to supermarkets are always helpful. What about stocking the refrigerator with cheese, sandwich fixings, condiments, and fruit or a collection of simple recipes complete with ingredients?
  • A year’s subscription to AAA, Netflix, or the local paper may be a hit.
  • Movie theater gifts cards and a board game can provide evenings of fun.

Have you given unique gifts for Father’s Day or weddings?

Please share your comments or ideas below.

Have a joyful June!

Honor your father and your mother . . .

                         Exodus 20:12 NIV


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