Gift Ideas for August 2018

Vacation time has ended and back-to-school sales fill newspapers and websites. Arms laden with newly-purchased supplies, teachers are scurrying to prepare for a new school year.  As a retired teacher, I know well the level of energy educators require, especially in August and September.

The work of preparation (lesson plans, family needs, bulletin boards, classroom design, data entry, meetings, committee work, and more) must take place BEFORE students arrive. Most teachers work long weekday hours and on weekends to ensure a smooth beginning and successful year.

Please see my post “Back-to-School Support for Teachers”
for ways to pray for educators at this time of year. 

Here are suggestions for gifts, acts of kindness, and volunteer activities that will encourage teachers you know or those you could meet at a neighborhood school:

Small gifts

  • a small vase of flowers or a green plant for Open House
  • personalized notepads, pencils, or bookmarks
  • gift card for morning coffee or afternoon smoothie
  • basket of healthy after school snacks (plus chocolate!)
  • pretty pencil holder, basket, or tote bag
  • muffins or donuts to share with team members

Acts of kindness

  • assisting with classroom set up or bulletin boards
  • preparing instructional materials
  • labeling folders and other supplies
  • arranging books and learning centers
  • assisting with nametags and backpacks
  • running errands

Volunteer activities

  • read to a class once a week
  • assist struggling readers
  • help with math practice
  • prepare instructional materials at home

  • tutor a high school student in your area of expertise
  • shelve library books
  • work in the school supply store
  • serve as a guest speaker
  • mentor a middle or high school student
  • help a student learning English
  • assist with art projects or musical productions

Each student deserves excellent teachers to guide and inspire them and each geographic area requires productive citizens and a competent work force. Without the dedication and expertise of local educators, how would our communities prosper? These dedicated professionals deserve our support.

Teachers, please add suggestions below.

Other readers, tell us how you plan to provide Back-to-School Teacher Support.


                Be kind to one another . . .

                                        –Ephesians 4:32 ESV

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