Are You Thirsty?

During the flood of 1994 our city water supply failed. Tropical Storm Alberto lambasted the panhandle of Florida and then collided with a cold front from Alabama to produce three days of lingering thunderstorms in our area. As a result, our river escaped its banks and swamped the water treatment plant.

Cars queued at fire stations for gallon jugs of water, and some of us (me!) washed clothes in three surrounding counties. Shampooing hair and washing hands required extreme conservation. And of course, we all wanted to drink more water than usual.

Have you experienced unquenchable thirst when water is unavailable? Maybe it’s temporarily turned off for plumbing repairs, or perhaps you received the “No food or drink after midnight” order prior to medical tests. The life-sustaining liquid seems to consume one’s thoughts when there is none.

Nothing will satisfy like water when we desire or need it.

However, sometimes when we need water, we don’t realize it. By the time we sense thirst, our bodies are already becoming dehydrated. Consistent intake of H2O enhances general health and system functions.

Just as drinking water throughout the day hydrates our physical bodies, ongoing communication with God keeps us spiritually in tune with Him. When we neglect to talk and listen to Him, our hearts and minds don’t function well.

Even quick prayers spoken in the middle of activity focus our attention on the One who longs to communicate with us.

Spending time with my heavenly Father in Bible study and prayer is my favorite way to start the day. However, I want my longing to be like that of the psalmist in the following verse:

As the deer pants for the water brooks,

so pants my soul for You, O God.

Psalm 42:1

Do you have that level of desire for Him? Or like me, do you sometimes let too much time slip by when your sole focus is work, problems, a current interest, or social media posts?

With physical thirst, we may experience a dry mouth and mental fog. Without regular conversations with God, we may become anxious, impatient, or forget that He is with us.

Keeping the line of communication open between our heart and God’s sharpens our focus on His truth and allows us to appropriate the blessings He offers. In prayer, we can praise God and rejoice in His presence, in addition to offering our requests.

He may guide us toward the right decision or calm our fretful heart. He may convict us of sin so that we can confess it and receive forgiveness. He may remind us of His great love for us or the truth of a Bible verse we need.  

My plan for drinking enough water for optimum health is to fill a quart container to drink before lunch. Then I add another quart of water for the afternoon and evening. This practice reminds me to take care of my physical health.

Frequent talks with God foster spiritual health. What prompts you to talk with God throughout the day? Do you plan specific times or have visual reminders? Would a prayer notebook or Scripture cards help? Playing hymns or praise songs at home or in the car draws our attention upward.

Twenty-five years ago, the flood of 1994 demonstrated our desperate need for the precious gift of water. Relationship with Christ Jesus offers daily refreshment through times of prayer. Are you thirsty for a deeper relationship with Him?

Let’s encourage each other by sharing how we quench our thirst for communication with God. What prompts you to pray? When do you pray? Please share in the comment section to help all of us.

And why not encourage someone you meet today with a promise of prayer for their needs?  

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4 thoughts on “Are You Thirsty?

  1. “Drink and be filled…” What wonderful counsel this is my friend. And yes, when not readily available, we are always more thirsty it seems. Isn’t it wonderful to know we can always quench our spiritual thirst with just a quick word or praise? God’s blessings ma’am.

  2. What an excellent post comparing our physical and spiritual thirst. Yes, I recall a water main break in our small town and we were without water for days. Once water was restored the colorless and odorless liquid looked as if it had changed to gold. It was precious and welcomed. The same with the living spiritual water from my Father. Gold–to encourage, guide, and ugh! correct. I have my quiet time in my sunroom but throughout the day my pictures of God come in creation or as in today, my toddler grandson running to me and giving a tight hug. I also appreciate seeing who has sent me a devotion in my inbox–like yours and our friend above, JD. Blessings Jeannie. As your blog says-you did brighten my day!

    • Post Author Jeannie Waters

      Marilyn, how encouraging your comments are! Living water from God is indeed gold as you described. I loved reading the reminders that kept your focus on God during the day.

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