About Jeannie

  Brighten Someone’s Day

That’s the goal! I’ll create posts to encourage you and suggest ways you can pass along the blessing.
We all want to help others, but time and money budgets can run short.

   Weekly Posts

Weekly posts are designed to hearten and encourage readers and to provide practical ideas for
sharing words, acts of kindness, and small gifts to bless others.

   Gift Ideas of the Month

The tab for this feature will be in the side bar and will be filled to the brim with gift ideas (some easy, some crafty, some unique)
designed to encourage the recipient without robbing the piggy bank or schedule. Throughout the year, I’ll add gift ideas for the following:
holidays and celebrations, new neighbors and new babies, hospitals and care homes, graduations and weddings, as well as
. . . illness and sympathy, friendships and job promotions, beginning and ending of the school year, and others.

   BONUS Encouragement Ideas Sprinkled into Posts

  • seeing encouragement in nature
  • adding value to the lives of others
  • finding encouragement in the Bible
  • just-right words for greeting cards
  • clever gift wrap ideas
  • entertaining with grace and simplicity
  • lend-a-helping-hand mini projects
  • befriending people who speak other languages
  • long-term illness
  • when to listen, when to talk
  • card making for the not-so-crafty
  • creating a welcoming home
  • keeping your own encouragement tank full
    …and many more!

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I want to learn from you and discover additional content you’d like to see.

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                           If you want to know more about Jeannie        

My faith encourages me to learn more about following Christ through Bible study and prayer, to intentionally love my family, friends, and strangers, and to encourage people with words, acts of kindness, and small gifts.

My career began with three education degrees and provided opportunities to teach students in grades kindergarten through college, including children and adults from 30 different countries who were learning English. Teaching is a blessing!

Joyous times include date nights, gym time, and cheering for the Georgia Bulldogs with my husband. Together we enjoy reliving memories with our two children and making new ones with four amazing grandchildren. You just can’t beat rocking a baby, digging in the dirt, constructing blanket tents, or playing Crazy Eights. Coffee and conversation with friends and family keep my heart light and meeting new friends is icing on the cake.

Hobbies I enjoy are traveling, just-for-fun hiking, and visiting waterfalls. Meeting new people makes me smile. (My family is accustomed to waiting while I learn the life history of new acquaintances.) One-of-these-days hobbies include making quilts and growing vegetables.

Favorite perches are my bedroom chair for early morning prayer and my deck chair for a quiet cup of coffee and a bird symphony.

Adventures and writing fill my heart with joy. My most memorable adventures were riding in a hot air balloon over the Arizona desert and visiting sites in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland with my family. And now . . . writing is my favorite adventure! Recently, I was thrilled and humbled to win a first place award in an article writing contest and an honorable mention in a blog contest.

I’ve had devotions and articles published in five compilations which include: Let the Earth Rejoice (Worthy Inspired), Just Breathe (Ellie Claire), and three published by Lighthouse Bible Studies: Breaking the Chains, Heart Renovation: A Construction Guide to Godly Character, and The Power to Make a Difference: Strategies, Insights, and Encouragement in 40 Short Bible Studies. Studying, networking, blogging, and attending conferences are enhancing my writing journey. Thank you for joining in the adventure!